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This Agreement (“Agreement”) entered into and effective as of the date set forth below from the date you the User create an account on the website// and click on “I agree” check box by and between:

1. Parties xfer Media a Company incorporated under the Companies Act 2014, with Email And You the User: contains the terms and conditions under which xfer Media agrees to provide You with the services described as Terms & Conditions made available to you on the Website// // which You expressly confirm that have read and accept it in its integrity.

2. Effective Date Effective date is the Initial Term the duration of our contractual relationship is initially till the existence of the company, Deliver My Tune unless terminated earlier in accordance with these Terms of Service. The Agreement shall renew automatically for additional 12-month periods unless You or We notify to the other the desire not to renew at least fifteen (15) days prior to the expiration of the Term. 3. Service Fees All prices listed hereunder are including GST and/or any other applicable taxes, levies, or fees required by any applicable law, rule, regulation or governmental body. Setup Fee- You shall pay an initial amount as mentioned on the website for setup and the required Distribution of your song through the website. This amount is due upon the acceptance of this Service Agreement.