We distribute all music styles. You can choose from hundreds of different musical genres. The only exception is "Classical" (such as Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert). The music services have special requirements for this genre and classical albums often get rejected, because there are already too many cover versions. That's why we can not distribute "Classical" music.
If you violate third party rights, laws, or our terms, your albums may be deleted, your account suspended or deleted, and payouts cancelled. Rights violations are often criminal offenses that might have further consequences, such as contractual penalties, legal warnings, action for an injunction, claims for compensation, as well as legal fines or prison sentences. Therefore, please make sure you don’t violate any rights. Typical rights violations are for example: „Streaming fraud“, e.g. the artificial increase and/or manipulation of sales/plays at the music streaming services (e.g. usage of automated processes, codes or scripts, usage of various accounts at the music services that constantly play the songs of the user, or by using a third parties' offer to buy streams) Usage of audio recordings (e.g. samples or instrumentals) without the permission of the rights owner Usage of lyrics and/or compositions without the permission of the rights owner Incorrect copyright information (e.g. wrong songwriter, composer, publisher or incomplete/incorrect information and/or wrong spellings) Usage of cover versions, remixes, DJ mixes or other edits without the permission of the rights owner Usage of pictures, photos, or graphics without the permission of the rights owner Usage of logos or trade marks without the permission of the rights owner Incorrect personal/company data in the user account Unlicensed usage of a third parties' artist name NOTE: It’s technically not possible, and we’re legally not obligated, to check your uploaded albums for their rightfulness. With the upload you confirm that no rights are being violated and you are liable for all damages, costs, or expenses arising from a rights violation.
Each artist name has to be distinctive and unique and can not be in use by another artist or band already. Before using our service, you have to check if your artist name is already in use by another artist or band (e.g. by search on Google, Spotify, iTunes, YouTube). The usage of small and capital letters or special characters is legally not sufficient to make an artist name distinctive and unique.
Go to "Albums" in your user account and select an album. You can see if the links to iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google and Deezer are already available for the selected album. If you click on a music service you'll get the direct link to your album. You can find other music service links with by respective music services' search function. Not every music service link can be found immediately and automatically. Therefore, a link might not be up-to-date and your album could already be published on a music service, even if the link is not shown in your user account yet.
Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google and Deezer usually take 1-3 days to publish an album. Other music services take about 1-3 weeks. We have no influence on the current processing times of the music services. We can't tell when exactly an album will be published on a certain music service. In exceptional cases publishing can be delayed, especially if you don't follow the guidelines for the title, artist name and cover picture. We can't guarantee a particular release date. To meet a certain release date, it's necessary to upload the album at least 2 weeks before the release date. If your album is not published within 2 weeks, please contact our support.
Yes, you can enter your own label name during the upload. It will usually be displayed in the music services (exception: Xfer Media ). If you don't have a label, it's automatically set to "Xfer Media".
The max. playtime is 30 minutes per song/track (min. 10 seconds). The average song length is about 2-5 minutes. An album must not be longer than 250 minutes. Songs with overlength (7-10 minutes) have certain disadvantages: usually cost the same as short songs usually don't get played on the radio usually only available with the album (not as song download) in some countries copyright fees are accounted by minute (e.g. USA). Longer songs result in more fees per download. So you'll earn less with overlength songs.
-1-25 songs as WAV file (16 Bit with 44,1 kHz) or high-quality MP3 -Cover picture as JPG file with 3000x3000 pixels (300dpi, RGB colors) -Product info such as title, artist, language, songwriter, composer)
If your payment can't be withdrawn (because of false payment details, lack of funds, return, objection etc.) the flatrate contract remains unaffected. You're still obligated to pay the open amount, plus chargeback fees. We will send you an email with a payment link. Access to your user account will be restricted until we receive the full payment. If the payment remains open, we have to initiate a dunning procedure, resulting in additional costs. To avoid this, please transfer the total amount directly after receipt of the payment notice, at the latest within 14 days. Fraud attempts will be prosecuted! To prevent breaches of law and fraudulent behaviour, we record your IP address.
The credit of your sales revenue can be paid to your bank account (India only) or PayPal account (worldwide). For PayPal the usual PayPal fees apply for the payout.
We offer you a unique music distribution flatrate. With our flatrate you'll get new albums each year, without rising costs. Everything you need to distribute your songs is included in the flatrate. The fees depend on how many albums you want to publish . we have charged few % from your total revenue .
An album consists of 1-25 songs (could be single, ep, or album) and needs a cover picture and the according product info (e.g. title, artist, language, songwriter, composer).
1. Sign up on our website 2. Choose your uploads 3. Upload your album and submit it We take care of everything else.
-Worldwide music distribution in more than 170 countries -You receive 100% of the sales revenue -Your music is available on all music services within a few days -You can publish new albums each year, without rising costs -You keep all rights and you can cancel at any time -You get daily sales data updated and statistics -You can use our promo tools free of charge -All required codes are incl. (ISRCs & UPC) -100% online and transparent – without paperwork or hidden costs
We enable musicians, artists, bands, producers and independent labels without a Record deal to sell their music on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Google, Facebook & 250+ Platforms . Just upload your music on our website. We'll distribute your music and within a few days it’s on all important music services worldwide. Fast and reliable in more than 170 countries. You keep all rights, and you can cancel at any time. And you receive 100% of the sales revenue. Selling music has never been so easy...